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closetgoths's Journal

closet goths
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The only thing more misunderstood than a goth, is a Closet Goth.

Hello, friend. We here at closetgoths are not goth and never were (well, except for that one time). In fact, we are the polar opposites of. We just have an appreciation for gothy things, more than we're willing to admit. The art, music, the fashion... even bats are sorta cool. But you didn't hear it from us, of course...
A "closet goth" is not a budding goth, but the sort of person that keeps this facet of their personality concealed in a little box, with a padlock. In other words, we simply observe and admire. When no one is watching, that is.

So if you are goth, or believe you are goth, or wish you could be a little more goth, this is not the place for you. You defeat the purpose, so come back in 5 years after your phase is over. Flames and idiots will be removed without warning, so please refer to the disclaimer.
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