niainneverland (niainneverland) wrote in closetgoths,

Hello there my fellow closet goths.

My name is Nia, and i'm sixteen. I consider myself a closet goth because i adore the lifestyle, but i do not wish to make it my own. I love goth music, and i love to draw goth things, make little dark plushies, and also dark photography. I've been obsessed with vampires ever since i watched The Little Vampire and i love everything from Tim Burton.

Though i love all of those things considered goth, i also very much enjoy non-goth stuff. My music taste ranges from classical to rock to trance to chiptune to death metal to shoegaze...i'm all over the place, and that's not exactly accepted when you're goth. Even if it was accepted, i just don't feel i'm goth, goth doesn't define who i am.

Some days i wake up, and i sigh, and walk out of my apartment dressed in all black. Other days i wake up and laugh and leave my house looking like a rainbow....well not really, but you get what i mean (hopefully!). I dress how i feel, and i don't always feel dark. I'm always being compared to goth or emo, but in all reality my personality is way too jumpy for that!

This is what makes me a closet goth, to have the eyes that appreciate goth but still be myself :)
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